Sunday, January 01, 2023

Happy New Year, and an iguana story

For the "New" Year I thought I'd just tell you a true story.

Many years ago a friend from work had an iguana. The iguana lived on a tabletop, with his basking lamp, heat rock, water bowl, and food. He never roamed far from those amenities. I had admired his set-up during visits and he seemed content.

But during the Christmas season one year, he disappeared. She and her husband looked for him everywhere. For many weeks. Eventually, she gave up and decided he was gone for good. 

Then, sometime in February she excitedly told me she'd found him, and he was healthy.

My first question was, where was he all this time?

She explained that she was tossing out her Christmas tree and after it was lying in the yard, he came crawling out of the branches,

What? She still had her tree up in February? Well, yes. She said she just hadn't gotten around to taking it down.

Obviously, she didn't have cats!

Happy New Year, and remember, others are probably procrastinating more than you are... on something.

I couldn't do this without your support.

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