Sunday, January 01, 2023

Humans must mature past politics

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 30, 2022)

People are more alike than different. Even those who use politics against you want the same things you want. They want to live their lives the way they believe is best, and they usually believe their way would be best for you, too. The difference is they are pursuing a way you think is not going to work; for themselves or for others.

They may prioritize feeling safe over liberty. You may think what makes them feel safe is too dangerous.
Maybe they'd put green chilis on everything and you don't want them on anything.

You might be right or you could be wrong. It would be great if we found a way to let everyone try their own way.

There has to be a limit, though, and that limit has to be that you can't be allowed to force your way on others. Even if it means watching them self-destruct.

I would leave communists and theocrats alone to live as they see fit... if only they would give me the same respect; if they would keep their political hands off the lives of those who chose a different path. Sadly, because people have been raised to believe politics is normal, they won't.

There's a lesson to be learned from American churches. People go to whichever church fits their needs, or none at all. The different groups live among each other, but the rules of your church don't apply to those who don't attend it. Generally, outside of church events, no one worries too much about your religious beliefs or is afraid you'll force yours on them. Until politics gets involved.

I'm fine with those who hate guns not owning them. This isn't good enough for those who believe everyone else has to live the way they want.

Yes, other people's actions and choices affect you. This means you need to do what you can to put a wall of protection between those effects and yourself, but any wall of protection can't include controlling others or their choices. This is why so-called "gun control" is not an ethical choice.

I wish people could find a way to live how they feel is best while not imposing their personal choice on anyone else; without making it political. The human species will have to mature a lot before this happens, but I think it must happen if we are going to survive.

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