Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anarchy Day

Just a quick update, since I actually have internet access for the next day or so.

I spent today, June 18 (and actually, the past couple of days as well), doing my "Random Acts of Anarchy". I think that because no one has suggested another date, I will declare June 18th as my "Anarchy Day". It also happens to be my birthday, but that seems a good date for Anarchy Day to me. Join me if you like, or declare your own date.

If you would like to participate next year, it will give you a year to plan ahead. Maybe the 18th of each month could be a "Mini-Anarchy Day".

So, what did I do to celebrate my public, helpful anarchism? I flew my Time's Up flag and picked up litter in the campground where we were staying. Anarchists beat the statists once again!


  1. How is picking up litter in a campground an act of anarchy?

    BTW, happy birthday! :-)

  2. Happy Anarchy Day,Kent...(And
    "happy birthday",too!)

  3. I didn't ask anyone's permission in order to do it even though it was on National Forest "Circus" land. That's what my "Random Acts of Anarchy" post was about. Helpful, public anarchy (as opposed to "nihilism" which is what is mistakenly called "anarchy nowadays).

    And, thanks for the birthday wishes.

  4. Happy Birthday, I hope you really enjoyed it.

    I think that having an Anarchy Day is a good idea, provided that people know the correct definition of anarchy. Before stumbling onto your site, I didn't know the correct definition, believing that it meant chaos. If such a holiday were to occur, what would you propose the festivities would be? You know, things like Anarchy Day theme colors, songs, activities, and foods. I'm thinking it would be something like July 4, but perhaps you have different ideas.

    1. I would say it is a very individual "holiday". Probably no two people would see it quite the same- and that's the point. Whatever is done would be perfectly great as long as no aggression or violations of private property were part of it. Asking no "authority's" permission for any of it, of course. If you were to organize a festival like you propose (within reasonable travel distance), I would gladly show up to celebrate.