Thursday, February 08, 2024

Not for me, but you go ahead

Recently, Smith & Wesson introduced their new rifle, the 1854. It's a modern lever-action rifle. This is one gun I have no interest in owning.

I'm sure this new rifle is a great gun in many ways, but it's not for me.  I love my more traditional lever-action rifles.

However, I'm glad Smith & Wesson is making this new rifle and I hope it sells well. I hope lots of people like it and want it. More guns in the right hands is good for everyone... except for the crooks and creeps among us. I can't bring myself to worry too much about their welfare.

Just because something isn't for me doesn't mean I'm going to try to keep others from enjoying it.

What other people like is of no concern to me, unless it violates life, liberty, or property. This doesn't. This is the heart of libertarianism.

This is a concept that it's obvious the "former libertarians" out there don't get. Probably because they are actively avoiding "getting it". Why? Obviously, it's because they want an excuse to violate someone in some way-- to do something they have no right to do-- but they don't want to admit (or feel like) they are the problem. So they grasp at "reasons". Some cite religion, some reference safety, some use culture, others find other excuses. It really doesn't matter what excuse or justification they torture a reason out of.

They are wrong. As wrong as it is humanly possible to be. But they'll gloat in their wrongness. It's quite the spectacle.

Liberty is the greater good!
If you want to support what I do, you will. If not, you won't.
Thank you.

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  1. So many rationalizations and justifications for coercion paving that Road to Hell.

  2. I finally found a Model 94 in 44 Rem Mag to go with my Taurus about ten years ago. I used to shop at Wild West Guns in Anchorage. Got my Springfield 1911 there almost 30 years ago. After I left Alaska they came out with this...
    Very Pretty!!

    1. That is a nice looking rifle.
      Around 30 years ago I bought a Winchester 94 in .32-40 Win from a little gun shop in Ohio City, Colorado. That was my favorite gun store and proprietor.
      According to the serial number, the gun was manufactured in 1899.
      I love the gun, I hate the fact that ammo is so hard to find (and expensive!) for it that I only shoot it once a decade or so.