Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Liars hang together

All my adult life I've recognized the existence of "fake news" and misinformation. I saw it everywhere all the time when watching television or encountering "news". I've never once seen accurate reporting of a single "news" event of which I had first-hand knowledge. And all political "news" is a lie, and probably always has been, because politics is a lie.

Now, fake news and misinformation are being pushed as a major problem.

Look who is most concerned about the issue. In the past few years, all of a sudden, the issue became important to those who, to me, seemed the source of the fake news and misinformation most of my life.


Was it because fake news and misinformation magically appeared out of nowhere and threatened society? Nope. It was probably because their fake news and information was finally being exposed and called out. They didn't expect this to happen and they don't like it one little bit, and they've got to put a stop to it. Using the violence of government if possible.

Is everything counter to the "mainstream" narrative true? No. There's enough fake news and misinformation to go around. But for the hypocrites who've been pushing their lies unopposed for all my life to suddenly get up in arms because someone else is doing the same, or worse-- exposing the lies we've been fed for decades-- is kind of delicious.

Of course they're running to the biggest liar-- government-- to silence their competition. I wouldn't expect professional liars to do anything else.

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