Friday, May 26, 2023

Government "jobs"

There are two types of government “jobs”; those that would still exist in a free society and those that wouldn’t.

Those that would exist in a free society are things like librarians, teachers, road repair crews, record keepers, etc. Things that plenty of people would find useful enough to spend money on even without being forced at gunpoint to do so.

It makes me sad to admit that "police" would also exist in some form since there are so many people who seem to honestly believe they couldn't live without them. As long as I don't have to fund them and I can shoot them if they archate, and expect unbiased arbitration afterward, I can live with it. I still wouldn't hire them. I'd probably shun them.

Those "jobs" that wouldn't exist in a free society are useless "jobs" like IRS thieves, BATFE parasites, DMV trolls, Congressvermin, etc. "Jobs" that are totally worthless and harmful to society. If you have to threaten people with violence to get them to use the "service" you offer, your "job" needs to be abolished. These are by far the worst "jobs" out there, and even the worst of the government "jobs". They are make-work "jobs" for utterly useless people.

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