Thursday, May 25, 2023

Global communism-- inevitable or stillborn?

I can't help but find it funny when a communist lectures me about my need to grow up and face the real world.

Communists are so very convinced of the "inevitability" of communism. We are all going to be there eventually. We might as well stop fighting it now-- we are just wasting our time. 

Well, I'm accustomed to being on the "losing" side. Still not convinced it's the wrong side.

I had a discussion with one communist a couple of days ago. It was illuminating.

He couldn't help himself-- he needed to assign me to "the left" or "the right". So he told me I'm a capitalist ("the right"). 

When I said I support the market, the communist launched into a lecture about how capitalism requires government, cops, theft, and exploitation. I tried to steer him back to the topic of the market, but he only wanted to criticize capitalism.

He hates that rich people are allowed to spend their own money (which he believes isn't theirs) on what they want. He says they are tyrannizing me by doing so. Should I feel tyrannized by them if they aren't using legislation against me?

He also started in about the communists' favorite Phantom Menace: class. To me, "class" is in the same category as "race" a distinction that doesn't make any difference since it doesn't say who is archating against whom. I don't give one Planck Length about someone's supposed "class".

He couldn't have an intelligent conversation because he couldn't get past "class" and "capitalism". He's stuck in the mud.

They can't stand that I say I don't care if they establish a communist community as long as they don't force anyone to participate. He told me I'll be begging to join them as soon as I run out of canned beans and dogs. OK. If that's true it doesn't change my position even a little.

He wasn't willing to have an actual conversation because...well, I'm not sure. But I could see it wasn't accomplishing anything to keep trying to discuss it with him.

So I set him loose to go hallucinate at someone else.

Communists: they aren't that smart but at least they can sometimes fight their own straw men to a draw.

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  1. Regarding "class."

    According to Comte and Dunoyer's libertarian class theory, there are two classes: The productive class and the political class. These correspond 100%, I think, to what you would call non-archators and archators.

    Some German by the name of Karl Marx cribbed from Comte/Dunoyer, but fouled it all up, replacing the productive class with "labor," the political class with "capital," throwing in an idiotic theory of value, etc. He was the first major right-deviationist from leftism, aka libertarianism.

  2. I honestly hate when the term "communist" comes up. All these neo-communists that infest the web have absolutely no idea what communism is like in reality. Hell, most of them have never left their non-communist country and gone to see the actuality, rather than the Starbucks discussion group they exist in. And the same applies to the so-called "right", as well. Calling everything they dislike communism, when their knowledge of communism is op'eds and John Wayne movies. Those of us who've lived in actual communist countries and experienced it, find both of them laughable as neither has the vaguest idea of the reality of it.

    1. They aren't interested in learning, either. They'd rather stay in their bubble of ignorant bliss.