Friday, March 17, 2023

The epitome of self-centeredness?

I had a strange reaction to the potential banking collapse. I didn't really think it would happen-- and I still don't-- but I could be wrong. 

Either way, as so often in these situations, I felt more like a disinterested observer than anyone who'd be deeply impacted. Like whatever happens, it's fine.

I don't have enough money in banks to worry too much about it, but the thought had occurred to me that an economic collapse might put an end to my upcoming surgery. My feelings on that were mixed. And that was really the only thought I had about it. Just wait and see what happens and whether it will interfere with the surgery. 

I know other people (people with more money in banks) would be hurt more than I would. I should care more. Even for people who I've warned and who never listen.

I also know it would end up hurting me more than I might casually assume, even ignoring the surgery. I just can't seem to make myself care much.

And a HUGE thanks to all those who already have.

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