Monday, March 06, 2023

I need magic (updated)

Broken tooth, very sick cats, colon surgery consultation, dentist visit, vet visits. 

My week sucks so far and looks like it's going to continue to suck. I hope yours doesn't.

Added 3-7: I've got about half of the Horrible Things behind me now and I'm not so overwhelmed. The sickest cat is on the road to remission and the other sick cat got over it. The dentist appointment is behind me, too.
I honestly think I may have PTSD with regard to doctor/dentist appointments/ If so, I know the events that caused it.
I can think again.


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  1. Oh wow, you have my uttermost sympathy! I've been in situations similar and I hear you about the PTSD from doctors and dentists. It can be so nerve wracking, and usually you have to put up with most of it when you start off feeling like crap! Glad the kitties are better. Each straw off the camel's back is a good thing and helps you with the rest of the load.