Thursday, March 09, 2023

All cops? Yes, ALL of them.

cops are bad.

That's just because of what they are required to do as a condition of keeping the "job", not because of who they are as a person. It's not collectivism because it is based entirely on what they have chosen to do, not who or what they were born. Like it or not, in this way they are exactly like rapists in that this condemnation is based on actions only.

To change my mind, at least in one individual case, you'd have to show me one cop who has never:

  • enforced prohibition in any way.
  • enforced a gun "law".
  • enforced a seat belt rule or any traffic rule that didn't have an individual victim. No speeding tickets, etc.
  • enforced any rule about showing ID when approached by a cop without clear and reasonable suspicion that an individual has been violated. "Resisting arrest" is coved under this, too.
  • supported any rule being applied to non-cops that isn't applied identically to cops.
  • enforced any rule or policy that didn't have a specific individual victim whose life, liberty, or property was harmed or put under a credible threat of imminent harm.
  • Has stood up loudly and consistently, without backing down, against any other cops who have done any of the above.

This is even ignoring the fact that their salary comes from government. We'll ignore that for this discussion. If you can show me one cop who has never done any of those things, I will admit you have found one good cop. If not, stop whining when reality is pointed out to you.

Of course, then the question arises as to how this singular cop has managed to keep his "job" while refusing to do what he is required to do.

I'm doing this for you.


  1. I've always considered my father to have been a decent cop, in that I sincerely believe that he never deliberately hassled anyone, and when he was a police sergeant he took action to remove a bad cop or two from his department (I was young and don't remember details, but I remember the controversy.) But he wasn't a "good cop", because I know that he violated most of your conditions - especially the first one. Sadly, he was a confirmed Statist to the end of his days.

    1. He was probably a nice cop.
      Statism is so ingrained that most people can't even see it. It's not even their fault.

  2. re the next time someone is shooting at you call Antifa.

    1. If someone is shooting at me, I'm going to be shooting back rather than cowering and hoping someone will show up in time to save me.

    2. If someone is shooting at me, it's too late to call anyone. It's time to be an adult and shoot back.
      Besides, as has long been established, there's no situation so bad it won't be made worse by adding a cop to the mix. Call antifa or a crackhead instead-- you wouldn't be any worse off.