Saturday, September 03, 2022

The High Chancellor has dropped the veil

When reality mirrors fiction

High Chancellor Biden has jumped the shark. He nuked the fridge. He has shown his hand in a way he won't be able to take back.

High Chancellor Biden just went full fascist on national broadcast-- never go full fascist. (No wonder he hates semi-fascists; they are too lukewarm for his tastes). Yes, all political government is fascist. It's just how it is. But there are degrees, and he just stepped it up. 

When I first saw the photos I thought they were Photoshopped. No one could be stupid enough to... Oh. They're real... (I realize they are cropped, but it doesn't make it dishonest-- they showed what they intended to show.)

Was it a messaging error, or did he mean to cross that line-- to set things into motion? Is it real, or is he cosplaying? I guess we'll find out.

Or is he being martyred; sacrificed by those who pull the strings but find him inconvenient now? It would solve a few of the Deep State's problems with one stone.

Yes, the political xombies who idolize him (or his handlers' agenda, anyway) will do their best to sweep this under the rug, but the visuals are too strong. The message, too clear.

Not only did he copy fictional tyrants, but he seemed to be channeling some real, historical monsters, too. I mean, look at his posture and demeanor in the pictures of the event. 

Don't look at this as a problem. Don't let it frighten you. It's an opportunity and a warning. It's great he told us exactly who he is and where he stands. Maybe this will be fun. It's sure to be interesting.

He has clearly declared it time for V to show up. If only...


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  1. Kent, I pay smokin' Joe the houseplant no mind...I paid his lil scripted thing no's been clear to me -- for years -- there's a whole whack of folks in the world (always has been, always will be) lookin' to put leashes on the necks of people...they been doin' this actively, forever...a lil speech given by a addled doofus on behalf of slavers: this isn't an eye-widener for me and it ought not be for anyone else. Henry

  2. Now, some could say, "Well, that's well and fine for you, Henry, that your head is not up your keister, but that speech of Joe's, that there may be the eye-opener for other folks." Don't you friggin' believe it. Seems to me: anyone who is still womb-sleepin' after all the Grade-A manure unleashed over the past, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 years ain't -- short of an 2 by 4 upside the head -- wakin' up for nuthin', includin' a 'red' speech delivered by a rutabaga. Henry

    1. So, Kent, you DID see the background lighting too. I had planned on asking you about the optics. It looks like the opening scene from a vampire movie or a sermon at an occult ceremony. Many people are calling the "Red Speech."

      The crimson lighting and dark shadows mad a bigger impact on me than the speech, which is standard progressive BS. I've never seen anything like it except in horror movies, never in a political setting. Have you?

    2. Only in V for Vendetta have I seen something close-- and that was more just background colors than lights. I've heard it called "Satanic" and I can't disagree. Creepy.

  3. I know you don't like Twitter, but it's having a field day with the "Red Speech," as it's called now.

    1. Those are pretty funny-- or at least good. PedoSith. LOL