Monday, September 19, 2022

It's all in the accessories

Apparently, my glasses make me look really intelligent-- like that guy... what was his name?... a long time ago... he invented gravity or something.

That's from an actual conversation I recently had with someone. Well, she was doing most of the talking. I just sat there in a hospital gown being medically assessed, poked, and prodded before being violated. But looking intelligent, I guess.

It was one of the oddest compliments I've ever received. Or, that my glasses have received.

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  1. I've always noticed that most people who don't wear glasses tend to think those of us who do are somehow "smarter", and round lenses seem downright "scholarly." Probably why Pol Pot targeted anyone wearing glasses during his campaign to exterminate all "intellectuals."

    1. And without my glasses, I'd be walking into things and that wouldn't seem smart at all.

    2. I was considered a klutz when I was little, because I was always tripping over door sills, etc., and falling out of large pine trees while trying to climb back down. It wasn't until third grade before anyone realized I was nearsighted, when I was seated at the back of the classroom instead of front row, and I couldn't see the blackboard well enough to copy the spelling words correctly. lol