Thursday, September 01, 2022

...and throw away the key

Found here

The all-American political sport seems to be suggesting that your political enemies, especially their rulers/"leaders", be thrown in prison.

I've applauded and promoted the joke myself.


I don't believe in imprisonment. No exceptions.

I can still enjoy calls to imprison political criminals anyway-- especially the ones I personally dislike the most. Just because it enrages the government-supremacists who support them.

I'm not going to joke about the average DemoCRAPublican being tossed in prison (If I've ever suggested such a thing, I repudiate it now) because I think they are what they are out of ignorance and because others have been lying to them their whole lives. They are victims, but often victims with Stockholm Syndrome who advocate victimizing others. Yes, they still owe restitution even if they don't mean to harm others, but punishment or imprisonment isn't that.


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  1. I would consider permanent banishment for politicians as being an appropriate reaction, but I agree with you about their average supporters. Their gullibility may piss me off at times, but I always try to remember that (1) 12+ years of government brainwashing has a strong effect, and (2) I fell for the scam myself for decades.

  2. I was thinking of Antartica, but an asteroid would be a better option; much harder to get away and come back.

  3. Interesting article, especially after what happened in Florida.

    I found an article about that very topic which you may find revealing:

    1. I side with L. Neil Smith's take-- that government can't be allowed to keep secrets, and that doing so should be a capital offense (if I believed in "capital punishment"). So, declassifying "secret" documents is always the right thing to do. As is exposing those secrets.

      The FBI is just a criminal gang-- always has been and always will be until it is abolished. I don't care too much about what they do to Trump (another political criminal), but their bias is obvious and should serve to discredit them even more.