Sunday, July 31, 2022

A ray of happy sunshine, in video form

I tend to focus on whichever liberty concern seems to me to be most under attack at the moment. Right now, this is the natural human right to own and to carry weapons.

I hope it's something else next week, but I won't be surprised if it isn't. 

You've probably seen recent videos of BATFEces criminals flagrantly breaking the law. No, not the one who was illegally photographing every page of the sales records at a gun store, with her personal phone. I'm talking about those thugs going door-to-door demanding to see the resident's guns.

If that bothers you as much as it bothers me, you might enjoy this video as much as I did. Now, I don't support cops, but I do like seeing enforcers pitted against each other-- gang warfare. So, here's how to deal with BATFEces goons at your door. (Let me know if the video gets deleted and I'll try to describe what happened-- I sure hope it doesn't! I can't figure out how to download it from Twitter and can't find it at the original site.)


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  1. OMG That was funny as hell! It's about time one of those arrogant bastards got arrested!

    My father never had much respect for the FBI, but he absolutely despised the BATFE, which he consider an out-of-control, rogue agency. He knew the ATF agent who suckered Randy Weaver into modifying a gun (just to have something on Weaver so he could try to force Weaver to spy on others for him), and Dad said the agent was a lying, corrupt scumbag that he would never trust for anything.

    1. I was really surprised they gave him so many warning-- which he didn't comply with-- without shooting him.

      I don't think a person could work for BATFEces without being a lying, corrupt scumbag. I think it's a job requirement. Years ago I had a friend who had a relative in that gang. She worshiped him and his "service"-- even though she was generally pro-liberty. She just had a thing for uniforms and "authority". Yes, I was shocked and revolted when I found out, and I'm sure it showed.

  2. Judging from Dad's comments over the years, I gathered there is always rivalry between the alphabet soup gangs, but it seems as though the ATF agents were pretty much universally despised by the others, at least in his day.

    I think you would have gotten a kick out of Dad, in spite of his having been a Federal agent. He could charm just about anyone and was a great storyteller, and he did a lot so he had plenty of stories to tell. lol

    1. Since some of the most anti-cop people I've known have been former cops, I'll give just about anyone a chance.