Sunday, June 19, 2022

You can't fix the past

There's a recurring theme some government supremacists keep dragging out in an attempt to shame everyone:
Americans-- as "a people"-- didn't keep government in line with what the Constitution allowed it to do. It's all our fault, and specifically somehow my fault, according to those who think the Constitution was great (maybe even perfect). 

No matter that by the time Lincoln was neutralized, the damage had been done. How could things have been saved even then?

It's certainly too late to do anything about it now, and was already too late when your grandparents were children. But just accept that it's your fault anyway. Somehow. You didn't "democracy" hard enough, I guess, in the same way your great-grandparents failed to "America" properly. (Not enough tar, feathers, rope, and lamp posts and too much "It's their job. They mean well, and are doing this for our own good; to keep us safe".)

I think this blame game is nothing but a cop-out by government supremacists. A way to avoid doing the hard work now. To avoid embracing non-compliance and taking the risk of attracting government attention.

The past is what it is. You can't fix it without a time machine (and probably not even then). Instead of blaming people who are long dead, what can you do now? Today? Realize that anything effective is going to be "illegal". It won't be safe. You probably need to do it anyway. Or just shelter in place and watch the world burn.

Either way is better than trying to guilt people into accepting blame for something that was beyond their control. Something that happened a century or more before they were born.


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