Monday, May 30, 2022

Open letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Abbott,

It's obviously time to tighten Constitutional carry in Texas. Every "except" and exemption needs to be immediately stricken from the legislation.

The Constitution doesn't allow any exceptions, especially for government-controlled property such as post offices, federal buildings, state buildings, and local government facilities. Including government schools (which the Constitution also doesn't allow). 

The Bill of Rights doesn't give anyone any rights, it places our natural human rights off-limits to government rules. It's non-negotiable.

That's the deal those who established the US federal government agreed to. They need to be held to their end of the deal. If they won't be, no one has any obligation to continue to unilaterally uphold the bad end of a broken bargain.

More anti-gun rules are a deal breaker and can't be tolerated. If the federal government tries to impose even the slightest new anti-gun restrictions or continues to illegally enforce those already on the books, it is time (it is long past time) for Texas to secede and be independent again. 

When a relationship has become so abusive that staying in it does more harm than good, it's time to let it go. The United States government needs Texas more than Texas needs that harmful institution. Don't allow nationalism to cloud your judgment and keep you from doing what you know is right.

Of course, this means that Texas would no longer be bound by the US Constitution. That's fine. We can do better. Texas could actually be what the US failed to be. This means no gun restrictions whatsoever, but it also means so much more. Some of which will be hard to accept for people fooled by the belief that government can be a good thing and is the same thing as society.

It's time to side with those who understand liberty and against those who believe authoritarian tyranny is a solution. Will you have the courage to do it?

Kent McManigal
[Redacted], Texas


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  1. I fully concur with your beliefs as noted in your open letter to the governor of Texas. I also believe that the governor; like those of all the other administrative districts (states) in the US empire regards himself as representing the interests of the empire to those residents in that district and NOT their interests, much less their natural rights. It is those people who need to see and might hopefully respond favorably to the views expressed in your letter and should have been its addressed recipients, and they are more likely to see it on your blog regardless of whether the letter is ever sent to the governor.

    1. I sent him a link to it on Twitter. Whether he sees it or not, maybe lots of Texas residents will. Maybe. Liberty isn't very popular (as we all know) and doesn't get much play.