Sunday, April 24, 2022

I gave gun shows another chance

A month or so ago I went to a gun show with my dad, and yesterday I went to another one with my son. 

I didn't buy anything at either show. Prices on ammo were higher than the prices I've seen in stores lately, and guns were priced similarly-- and out of reach. Am I dreaming, or didn't I used to go to gun shows to find good deals? If so, maybe those days are over.

Was I disappointed by the shows? No!

I hadn't been to a gun show in several years, and the last few I went to had almost no guns. They had coins, jewelry, baked goods, toys, and one or two tables of guns in the whole place. Not worth the price of admission, nor really worthy of being called "gun shows".

These two were probably 80% gun-related and maybe 10% knives (still OK). More like the good old days and a welcome change. There were even a couple of politicians trying to convince gullible people to v*te for them, based-- I guess-- on setting up a booth at a gun show to show their "pro-gun" creds, Easy enough to ignore.

I had a good time at both shows.

As my son said yesterday, "Pretty good way to spend a morning".


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