Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nice cops

Everytime I speak the truth about cops, someone will object and tell me "there are good cops!"

No.  There are not.

As I saw someone say a while back- and I wish I could remember where I saw it and who said it- there are "nice cops", but no "good cops".

A "nice cop" is one who treats you in a non-cop manner.  Who holds the door for women, stops to help a stranded traveler, gives a thirsty dog a drink.  Things any of us would do if we are decent people.  He is nice because of who he is, and what he is doing at the moment, not because of what his job might be.

But, that same "nice cop", as soon as he enforces ONE counterfeit "law" is no longer a good person.  He is being a cop.  He might still do "nice" things while on the job, but the overwhelming majority of that "job" is inflicting evil upon people.

Most bad guys can't spend all their time being evil.  It's too much work and would cripple their ability to live among friends and family- if they could even keep friends and family.  They have to be nice to those around them most of the time, no matter what they do when they target those they consider to be "other" or "less-human".  Because of this fact, you can have nice mobsters, nice muggers, and nice rapists, but none of them can be "good".

And neither can any cop.  The "job" eliminates that possibility completely.



  1. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. The issue at hand is monopoly. As a lad, I learned in school that monopolies are bad. Of course, since even "parochial" schools had to get a license from state bureaucrats, and all curriculum approved thereby, they were forced into teaching from the point of view that monopolies are when evil entrepreneurs become too successful in that bad ole' marketplace, they will gobble up the little guys, etc etc etc.

    Therefore, state regulation is absolutely necessary to even out the playing field. Can't have them wicked old monopolies, now can we?

    It wasn't until I began to dabble in libertarianism -- no, correct that: I got shoved into craving liberty and freedom -- that I came to see that those teachers were spiders enticing the flies (me, and perhaps thee) into the web of "enforcement" and love of state -- an abject and terrifying monopoly.

    "Enforcement" is the most egregious monopoly of all. Daily Bell had a line that went something like this:

    Monopoly “justice” is never unbiased.

    When that group of psychopaths who form what we know of as “the state”

    • Make the laws,

    • Enforce the laws,

    • Prosecute the laws,

    • Hire the prosecutors,

    • License the “defense” attorneys,

    • Pay the “judges”,

    • Build the jails,

    • Contract jails out to private entities,

    • Employ and pay the wardens,

    • Employ and pay the guards,

    • Employ and pay the parole officers,

    Well, that sort of monopoly “justice” is not an unbiased system.

    It is abject tyranny.

    But one can't always blame the little boy who, seeing the flashing red lights and hearing the sirens and watching that tall and dangerously armed cowboy in his city or county or state costume swagger in his untouchable impudence -- well, if the kid has always heard "...the-policeman-is-your-friend..." (in schools that feed from the same nose bag), he (or she, nowadays) will aspire to be a policeman.

    Then, before s/he comes to discover the asinine position s/he has put himself into, s/he's got the best job in town. S/he can't just walk out.

    Plus, the lust to be "untouchable" -- above the crowd -- is intense.