Sunday, June 24, 2018

Problems with "authority"

I don't mean I have problems with "authority, I mean there are problems with the concept of "authority". Besides it being the most dangerous superstition.

Obviously, I'm speaking of political "authority", not expertise. Two unrelated concepts; one word used for both. Confusing by design.

"Authority" is the power to molest. That's really all it is. This power is based on superstition, but beliefs have consequences.

Probably, in the big picture, this is the thing "conservatives" get most wrong. Along with their absolute rejection of their greatest responsibility, while crowing about everyone else's "responsibility", that is. They don't understand what "authority" is, so they end up worshiping something nasty and disgusting, and criticizing others who see it more honestly than they do.

Political "authority" isn't a real thing. You shouldn't respect it. But you should realize dunderheads will murder you if they feel you have disrespected their delusional "authority". Individual beware.

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  1. Many statists are too stupid to even grasp such simple concepts as authority. If you put forth the effort to make them understand, they will still ultimately conclude that being an asshole is more rewarding than being ethical.

    That's what the club is about; ..It's wrong to rape a woman, but the pussy feels real good. It's wrong to steal, but new stuff is nice. Violence is wrong, but they won't give me what I want.

    That is what you're dealing with, multiplied by about 2-8 billion.

    Kill 'em all.

  2. At the root of it is basic right/wrong-good/evil. Libertarianism is based on rights /responsibility, ultimately the value of life itself. It's right, truth, ethical, correct, "good".

    Everything government involves violence, coercion, theft, etc. It's wrong, based in nothing but violence and selfishness. It's evil.

    When given the choice of A or B, C,D, etc.. most people get the wrong answer. If you explain the correct answer, it is rejected.

    Why? ...because it rewards unethical behavior. Argue against it and whatever strange rationalizations are necessary to make that reward ethical or necessary is what you get in response.

    Stealing is wrong, but new stuff is nice. ...therefore stealing must be justified and/or not stealing, ...taxes, not theft, contract, greater good, ... ....

    We live in Idiocracy Meets Nineteen Eighty Four.

  3. All social power is illegitimate. All claims of authority over other people are an unjust abrogation of their personal autonomy. The only just authority is self-control. The only just action against another individual is self-defense in response to their aggression.