Thursday, April 26, 2018


"Violence"- when I use the word I am referring to the ethically neutral use of physical force, typically targeted against an individual or individuals.

As opposed to aggression, which is the use of violence against a person who isn't currently violating life, liberty, or property, nor credibly threatening to do so. Aggression is the initiation of force (or the initiation of violence).

Self-defense or defense of property can be violent but isn't aggressive since the other party "started it" by initiating force or violating property rights.

Violence can be good or bad; aggression is something you have no right to commit. Aggression is a facet of archation.

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  1. That makes sense except for the good violence part.

    On your walk home one day, you encounter a woman being assaulted by a man, so you beat him up or shoot him or something. Did you violate him? Does he have a right to defense against defense of his archation?

    That is why I make that distinction between force and violence. Force used for archating is violence, while forced use for defense is not archating, therefore not violence.

    1. I would say you didn't violate him, because he started it.
      I would also say he still has the right to defend himself even though he's clearly doing something he has no right to do (but I hope he loses the fight).