Monday, April 16, 2018

Atelatheist- incomplete atheist

New word for you to consider-- Atelatheist (atel-atheist)

From atelo- (incomplete, imperfect), and atheist [a- (without) + theos (god)]
Someone who claims to be, or believes themselves to be, an atheist, but who still holds at least one superstitious belief in a godlike thing, religion, or organization. i.e. government.

It means the same thing as "monotheist" but approaches it from the other direction.

Examples: almost every outspoken "atheist" in the "public sphere" today.

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  1. The graphic is great. One improvement might be a photo of a courtroom with a judge. (For "churches.") Courtrooms actually have pews and a person wearing a black robe like a minister.